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Using your UNHINFO Account

Your UNHINFO account allows for access to your webpages hosted on UNHINFO server via Secure FTP.  You will have to use FTP client software to transfer your files to the UNHINFO Web Server.  Instructions for configuring your FTP Client Software can be found below:

You will need to use your UNH Blackboard username and password to access this account.  

You will be placed in your organization's home directory automatically when you log in.  If you manage multiple sites with your UNHINFO account please refer to the Managing Multiple Websites section for instructions on configuring your FTP Client. 

All UNHINFO account holds are automatically subscribed to the Web Weavers mailing list.  This mailing list is used for keeping user informed on changes and/or problems with the UNHINFO server, as well as to foster discussion on issues related to Web authoring at UNH.

Helpful Hints

Managing Multiple Websites

User's who have access to multiple websites will automatically be placed in the home directory for one of their sites (usually the first site they applied for).  To access any additional sites they will need to configure their FTP Client and manually set the path or home directory.  You will receive the path information when you first apply for an account.  If you are unsure of the path please email or call the UNH IT Service Desk at 862-4242.


  1. Create a new site in the Connection Manager.  Follow the instructions found here:
  2. Select the Advanced tab
  3. Add the path under Default remote directory.  [Click here to view a screen shot]
  4. Click OK to save settings


  1. Create a new Shortcut.  Follow the instructions found here:
  2. In step 3: Add the path in the Path field [Click here to view a screen shot]
  3. Click OK to save settings


  1. Create a new Site.  Follow the instructions found here:
  2. In step 5: Add the path in the Host Directory field [Click here to view a screen shot]
  3. Click OK to save settings